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Two New Ways To Manage Arthritis Pain With Your Mindset

Two New Ways To Manage Arthritis Pain With Your Mindset

Arthritis doesn’t just take a physical toll on your body, it greatly affects your mental health too. Living in chronic pain is mentally exhausting but there are ways to manage arthritis pain through m... ...more

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November 23, 20226 min read

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Welcome to the Thriving with Osteoarthritis blog! If you are in the physical therapy world, you have to LOVE educating others! Honestly, so much of taking care of people with all kinds of movement or dysfunction is making sure that they have enough knowledge to continue on without you. It's my job here to give you the knowledge that you need to understand your diagnosis, know what treatment options are available for you, and get tips on how to make your life easier living with OA!

I've Just Been Diagnosed with osteoarthritis, now what?

Here are my top 5 tips if you've just been learned you have Osteoarthritis.

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Top 10 anti-Inflammatory Foods

Making sure you are focusing on anti-inflammatory foods is so important with any chronic illness (for everyone really).

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Osteoarthritis flare up: Is exercise bad for OA?

Exercise can be hard, especially during a flare up. But, is this better or worse for your joints in the long run?

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